About Us

Nationally accredited and competency based training in Australia

About Us

Greenlight Safety Solutions (GLSS) provide professional training, consulting, auditing and equipment advice to clients. The key drives are to strengthen, simplify and embed OHS compliance, training, safety management systems and emergency response to their existing practices. The client base is diverse, ranging from the oil and gas sectors, marine, construction industry, retail, logistics, small family business and individual clientele.


Our consultant is a highly-skilled, well-seasoned safety professional. The breadth of his professional experience is evidenced by a career that spans oil and gas, marine, construction and safety industries, in Australia, Asia, Europe and South America. 

His ability to interact and effectively communicate with stakeholders and the workforce has been fundamental to his success. Empathetic listening, positive feedback, and clear communication of expectations are all central to his practice.

GLSS provides  training and assessment delivered on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909 . http//www.allenstraining.com.au/

Nationally accredited and competency based training in Australia

Our Services

Comprehensive range of nationally accredited and company specific tailored courses are available.


Advice to the client on; selection, purpose, inspection, stowage, condition, maintenance, training requirements and emergency preparedness. 


Together with the Occupational Health and Safety Team and front line employees a self-verification of the plant, process and people will be carried out. 

Nationally accredited and competency based training in Australia


Coaching & Mentoring


Training & Assessment 


Tailored training courses


Risk Management ( Hazard Identification, Building bespoke SWMS / JSA) 


Auditing ( Self Verification ) 


Emergency response ( Heights and Confined Space entry )  


Building Designing Bespoke Training Packages


Safety equipment selection, record keeping, and maintenance