Professional Advice and Safety Equipment Supply in Australia

professional advice and safety equipment supply in australia by green light safety

Best professional advice and safety equipment supply in Australia

Professional Advice and Safety Equipment Supply in Australia

Green Light Safety provides the best professional advice and safety equipment supply in australia

Green Light Safety provides professional advice and safety equipment supply in Australia, we recommend you to encourage your workers to use protective equipment in the transformation sector, mining, civil construction and many other technical environments. The task may not always be easy, but it is important to find a way to make the value of these articles known to partners.


The International Labor Organization ( ILO) warned at the XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work, held in Frankfurt , Germany in 2014, that the situation is alarming in terms of workplace injuries. There are 2.3 million deaths per year from injuries and workplace disorders, as per the general director of the organisation, Guy Ryder.


Another disturbing statistic is that in their area of employment, 860 thousand people around the world experience some kind of accident every day. The expert asserted that directly and indirectly global costs sum to $2.8 trillion.


What is EPI and EPC?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

They are individual-use protective equipment used to protect the physical wellbeing of the employee who is exposed to different risks. It is necessary to note that the PPE does not mitigate risk or threat, but protects the employee from exposure and the environment. Such examples are: gloves, protectors for hearing, body armour and aprons.


Collective Protection Equipment (EPC)

These are devices that are mounted in the work environment that aim to secure one or more individuals at a time. To avoid and mitigate workplace injuries, these things are used. Such examples are: fans for exhaust, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and screens for protection. 


How to Motivate the Use of Safety Equipment

The company must guide employees about its value rather than forcing the proper use of PPE and EPC. In addition , to ensure that the employee uses the appropriate equipment until it becomes a habit, it is critical that supervisors are attentive to the use of it after training.


During the routine, it is common for employees to forget and miss out significant information including the use of PPE and EPC. Some small measures, however, may actually boost understanding of the impacts of equipment and encourage the use of it.


Awareness Campaigns

It is important to explain to the worker why the use of protective gear is needed. It is easy to carry more knowledge to the worker with a low investment, some examples are: internal newspapers with figures on workplace injuries, educational materials on company murals that demonstrate the advantage of PPE and EPC and notifications in collaborators' emails.



To reaffirm the value of equipment, investing in training that offers an overview of the proper use of PPE and EPC is important. Raffles or meetings among leaders and partners will draw employees' interest and coordinate to spread awareness.



Invite individuals who are able to tell staff of their workplace injury experiences. In Work Safety, call engineers to explain the importance of using the equipment to the staff. The PPE and EPC would be respected more by a knowledgeable partner.


Good Quality Equipment

Note that gear of poor quality is uncomfortable and may get in the way of work. Much as its usage is essential for a healthy world, it must also certify its reliability, ensuring the worker's structural wellbeing. 


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